Installing a second instance of DataGate for IBM i

This article explains the considerations for installing a second instance of ASNA DataGate for IBM i.


ASP.NET-related troubleshooting/configuration articles

This is a list of the ASP.NET-related configuration and troubleshooting articles at


Video: Avoiding spurious IBM i jobs with AVR ASP.NET apps

Careless database connection handling in your Visual RPG for .NET code can lead to spurious jobs on your IBM i. Especially for Visual RPG Web ASP.NET Web apps, the presence of these jobs are a symptom of a performance-sucking issue.


ASNA Hardwired -- Issue #1

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Can users change my ASNA's application's CCSID value?

Changing the CCSID value on the client side is not a good practice. In many cases it results in the wrong data being displayed. This article explains why you should change the user's CCSID on the IBM i in the user's profile.

Licensing DataGate for IBM i 16.x

ASNA DataGate for IBM i 16.x introduces a license registration change. This article explains that change and how to get both temporary and permanent DataGate for IBM i 16.x license keys.

Understanding DataGate for IBM i end-user jobs

ASNA DataGate for IBM i creates an IBM i job for each client-attached user. This article explains how to look at these jobs.

Understanding DataGate for IBM i service jobs

ASNA DataGate for IBM i creates several jobs on the IBM i. This article provides a guide to those jobs and what they do.

How to check the DataGate for IBM i TCP/IP port

When you install ASNA DataGate for IBM i, you select a TCP/IP port through which DataGate connects on your IBM i. This article shows how to check that port.

How do I find ASNA DataGate for IBM i active end-user jobs?

When you're using ASNA DataGate it's sometimes important to know what DataGate user jobs are active. This article explains how to locate all ASNA DataGate for IBM end-user jobs on the IBM i.

What is the IBM i user profile DG8SVCPRF used for?

This article explains what the ASNA DataGate IBM i DG8SVCPRF user profile is and what it does.

How to determine DataGate for IBM i's library and version

This article explains how to tell what version of DataGate for the IBM is currently running on your IBM i, what TCP/IP port it is using, and its library name.