Using FTP to send and receive IBM i source members

This article shows how to use Windows intrinsic FTP client to send or receive a source member from/to your Windows PC and the IBM i.

Dispose of objects effectively with AVR's BegUsing operation

An often-overlooked ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) feature is its BegUsing operation. This operation provides a streamlined way to dispose of objects.

How to add double-click subfile actions to Wings Applications

ASNA Wings/Monarch both offer a feature that enables double-clicking (or double-tapping) a subfile row to initiate an action against that row.

ASNA Retired Version Information

This document provides an archival listing of retired ASNA products.

Using .NET's data structures with AVR: The generic stack

.NET stacks, queues, lists, dictionaries, hash tables, and collections offer a nearly endless way of working with your data.

How do you translate VB's TypeOf and CType to AVR for .NET?

This article shows how to convert VB.NET's TypeOf operator and CType function to corresponding AVR for .NET code.

Working with numeric dates in AVR for .NET

Working with dates is something many RPG programs do extensively. In the old days of AVR Classic, we used to have to use lots of data structures and other special-case code to format dates, convert dates. It was also quite challenging to do date arithmetic and perform other sophisticated date manipulations. AVR for .NET's *Date, *Time, and *TimeStamp help resolve all of these issues. However, many shops still store dates (and times) as numeric values in their database. This seems to preclude using some of .NET's really great date handling and manipulation. This article changes that and shows how to integrate your numeric date and time values with .NET's great date and time handling.

How do I resolve DateGate IBM i License Manager Error #1223

This article shows how to resolve the ASNA DateGate for IBM i error: DataGate License Manager Error 1223.

Using regular expression character classes and quantifiers

This article shows how to use regular expression character classes and quantifiers with ASNA Visual RPG. This is part 2 in a series.

Starting the Visual Studio command prompt

The Visual Studio command prompt is hard to find in Windows 8 and 10. This article shows how to resolve that challenge.

An introduction to regular expressions with ASNA Visual RPG

Regular expressions (regex) provide a pattern matching scheme you can use to search and, optionally manipulate, a string. Although regex has been around for almost 50 years, it is often either completely ignored or relegated to the "will learn later" pile by many programmers. This article, the first in a series, introduces you to using regular expressions with ASNA Visual RPG.

How to create/install custom ASNA Visual RPG project templates

ASNA Visual RPG for .NET (AVR) comes with many project templates. The templates provided are generally serviceable, but wouldn't it be handy to be able to create your own templates? This way each time you start a new project it's got just the things you want, the basic forms you need, and all the extra goodies you usually use. And wouldn't it be nice to make many of those suit your different application challenges! Read on, this article shows you how.