Can I clear the DG8_VCATxx library?

Can the DataGate IBM i library DG8_VCAT50 on the IBM i be cleared, or old objects removed? How to clear DataGate's cache library on the IBM i.

How to make Visual Studio produce HTML 5 documents

In most cases, ASNA products (including Wings, Mobile RPG, and Monarch) already produce HTML 5 document types. However, depending on the project template you're using, ASNA Visual RPG may produce an XHTML 1.1 document type. This article shows how to ensure your AVR projects are using the HTML 5 document type.

How to center an image in a Web page

This article shows how to use CSS's FlexBox feature to vertically center an image in a Web page. A couple of years ago a new CSS

How to add double-click subfile actions to Wings Applications

ASNA Wings/Monarch both offer a feature that enables double-clicking (or double-tapping) a subfile row to initiate an action against that row.

How do you translate VB's TypeOf and CType to AVR for .NET?

This article shows how to convert VB.NET's TypeOf operator and CType function to corresponding AVR for .NET code.

How do I resolve DateGate IBM i License Manager Error #1223

This article shows how to resolve the ASNA DateGate for IBM i error: DataGate License Manager Error 1223.