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ASNA documents tagged 'datagate-ibm-i'
Technical references, how-tos, and trouble-shooting for ASNA products
Change DataGate for IBM i's TCP/IP port datagate-ibm-iibm-i
How to change the TCP/IP port that DataGate for IBM i uses
Clearing DataGate's DG8_VCAT72 library datagate-ibm-i
DG8_VCAT72 is a cache library that all installed DG for IBM i instances user. This article discusses clearing DG8_VCAT72.
How do I find ASNA DataGate for IBM i end-user jobs? datagate-ibm-i
How to find active DataGate for IBM i end user jobs.
How to confirm DataGate for IBM i's IP port assignment datagate-ibm-iibm-i
How to confirm the IP port assigned to DataGate for IBM i.
How to determine ASNA product versions datagate-ibm-idatagate-sql-serverlicensingmobile-rpgmonarchsynon-escapevisual-rpgwings
How to get ASNA product version and build numbers for Windows and IBM i products.
How to determine DataGate for IBM i's library and version info datagate-ibm-iibm-i
How to confirm the library that your DataGate for IBM i instance uses.
How to put ASNA DataGate for IBM i in its own subsystem datagate-ibm-i
This article how to create a dedicated subssystem for an existing existing DataGate on an IBM i installation.
How to see DataGate for IBM i's TCP/IP port configuration datagate-ibm-i
This article shows to identify DataGate for the IBM i’s configured TCP/IP port. Use it to confirm that DataGate is using the correct TCP/IP port.
How to start, stop, and confirm DataGate on the IBM i datagate-ibm-i
How to start, stop, and confirm that DataGate on the IBM i.