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ASNA documents tagged 'migration'
Technical references, how-tos, and trouble-shooting for ASNA products
Avoid Your IBM i RPG Crisis with ASNA Part 3 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
The aging, and pending retirement, of many RPG programmers is diminishing the RPG talent pool. Avoid your IBM i RPG Crisis with ASNA!
Can You Trust Your IBM i RPG Team to Provide Valuable Advice? Part 5 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
You need reliable and solid input to make effective decisions about your IBM i. Can you trust your RPG team for the most critical and effective input.
Growing Concern for the Future of RPG Applications Part 1 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
By 2030 nearly all available RPG talent will have retired. Is your business ready for a world without RPG programmers?
IBM Is Little Help With IBM i Application Modernization Part 8 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
You can’t count on IBM to help you persist your business-critical RPG application. You'll need to roll up your sleeves and do the grunge work yourself.
IBM RPG/Midrange Products Timeline Part 4 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
IBM i and its RPG programming language have been around for a long time. This article takes a look at the IBM midrange timeline.
It's Your Move Part 9 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
Those who commit to making IBM i application decisions before crisis-mode sets in will be far better off than those who wait until the last minute.
Rewriting IBM i RPG software is almost always a bad idea Part 7 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
You need to carefully consider rewriting your estate RPG application from every angle—it is destined to be the worst step you can take.
Striving for IBM i Programming Team Harmony Part 6 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
Any decision you make about the future of your IBM i’s RPG application requires the willful cooperation and help of both your RPG and PC programming teams.
This Is the IBM i RPG Decade of Crisis Part 2 rpg-crisis-decademigrationwhite-paper
By 2030 the typical RPG programmer will be 80 years old. Your RPG-dependent business is at risk with the disappearance of RPG programming talent.